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What Does A Face Toner Do? 5 Benefits and Why You Should Use It

What Does A Face Toner Do? 5 Benefits and Why You Should Use It

Ever found yourself in front of the bathroom mirror, looking at bottle of liquid called a "toner" that the skincare gurus told you to buy, but having no clue how it fits into your skincare puzzle?

Think of a toner as a key. It doesn't walk through the door itself, but it unlocks the door, allowing your other skincare products to penetrate more deeply and effectively.

Let's dive in and shed some light on 5 benefits that this often misunderstood skincare product offers for your skincare routine. 

1. Prepares Your Skin for What's Next
Think of your skin like a sponge. A dry one won’t absorb whatever you pour onto it. But if it's damp? Everything gets soaked right up. Using a toner is like prepping that sponge, making sure your skin is ready to absorb all the good stuff from your serums, ampoules, and other treatments.

2. Helps Balance Your Skin's pH

Here's a pH crash course 101, your skin's optimal state is slightly acidic, which helps in warding off harmful bacteria and environmental pollutants. Cleansing could disrupt this balance, making your skin more alkaline, and more susceptible to damage. This is where a toner steps in to restore equilibrium and nurture your skin's well-being.

3. Provides Extra Hydration
After cleansing, a lot of your natural oils are stripped so using a toner, specifically a hydrating one can restore an extra layer of hydration that your skin will thank you for.

4. Can Target Specific Skin Issues
Toners these days aren't just watery sidekicks. They've become more tailored to target specific skin issues and most have been formulated to be used on daily. We've put together some of our favourite toners that tackle some of these skin concerns. 

5. It's a Double-Cleanser’s Best Friend
If you're a fan of the double cleanse (high five), toner acts like the final sweep, ensuring every last trace of makeup and dirt is gone which is key to fighting off acne and gunk from accumulating on your skin.

  • A toner preps your skin to better absorb serums, ampoules, and treatments. Think of it as a skincare bouncer, only letting in the VIP ingredients.
  • Toner helps balance your skin’s pH levels, keeping your skin safe from bacteria and pollution.
  • Toner provides an extra layer of hydration after you cleanse/exfoliate.
  • So, next time you’re pondering the purpose of that bottle of toner sitting on your bathroom shelf, remember: not all heroes wear capes. Some just come in bottles labeled 'toner'. 

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